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Retirement Plans

Reaching your long-term financial goals requires you to invest wisely. How much should you be saving? How much can you afford to spend in retirement? How do you balance retirement with other financial goals?

People Lease can help you achieve the security and lifestyle you want. A People Lease affiliated financial planner develops a customized financial plan that provides specific investment recommendations for your situation. You'll feel secure knowing you've received advice from a trusted source—a company known for its proven approach, highly regarded funds, and low costs. And you remain in control of how and when to implement your plan.

People Lease also provides  customized Retirement Plans that perennially rank as one of our most coveted employee benefits. Offering 401(k), 403(b), Simple IRA and Safe Harbor plan options, we take the administration burden off of your employer and allow them to offer retirement plans that acknowledge your value to the company.

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