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Benefits Analysis

With a People Lease benefits analysis, we will provide you with a comprehensive review of your current resources from payroll processing, employee benefits and compliance to human resources, insurance and cafeteria plans with a singular focus to provide cost and benefit improvements.


  • Ideal business planning and analysis tool for all types of businesses and organizations
  • Learn which services and plans are most efficient and cost-effective
  • Determine the volumes needed to gain positive improvements
  • Show the impact of quick plan migration
  • Enables you to easily determine cost-and-ROI comparisons
  • Forecast cost savings over months and years -- enabling you to plan for business growth
  • Discover how technology and customer service provides improved margins by reducing costs


  • Completely customizable for your particular organization or business
  • Produces easy-to-understand reports with intuitive charts and graphs
  • Includes sensitivity analysis to market factors such as growth, turnaround time, and variable data premiums
  • Provides easy "what-if" analysis to help you make favorable long-range business decisions
  • Analyzes the entire employee administration function including payroll preparation, tax filing, workers' comp, health insurance and retirement plans

People Lease has helped free countless business owners and managers from the never-ending back-office resources and compliance issues. Consider the qualities that have established People Lease as a leading Professional Employer Organization (PEO) in America - and call us today at 1-800-723-3025.

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