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Back-Office Services

People Lease has helped free countless business owners and managers from the never-ending back office fire fighting associated with employee administration. By obtaining payroll preparation, tax filing, workers' comp, health insurance and retirement plan administration from People Lease, businesses can begin reallocating valuable time and manpower, while more effectively managing cash flow and improving employees' job satisfaction.

  • Do away with employee administration headaches and red tape
  • Dedicate newfound free time to improving employee utilization and mentoring, as well as business development
  • Retain valuable employees and attract quality prospects with comprehensive, competitive benefit packages
  • Submit one tax-deductible payment each pay period to cover all payroll and benefit costs
Back Office Services

When your company receives employee administration services from People Lease, you're divested of nuisance tasks, such as HR administration and compliance, and we share the employer liabilities. For your employees, it's business as usual. People Lease remains behind the scenes, while both you and your employees reap the rewards. Payroll, benefits and compliance outsourcing has proven to be a cost-effective decision for companies from every business sector.

Currently, People Lease clients include professional service providers, manufacturers, repair service providers, restaurateurs, retail sales outlets and non-profit organizations. We offer the added bonuses of new management tools, one-stop shopping for a comprehensive roster of employee administration services, localized customer service, a long-standing reputation for integrity, even immediate and secure access to online payroll services.

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