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We staked out a leadership role in 1984 by creating the employee leasing industry in Mississippi. By 1988, Jackson metro area businessman Larry Lewis literally changed the rules for success at businesses everywhere by lifting the weight of employee administration off the shoulders of businesses. Over the past two decades, People Lease has established itself as one of the leading back-office services providers in the nation. By redirecting and consolidating payroll and benefits administration, regulatory compliance, and human resource responsibilities, People Lease has helped business owners, managers and employees remain focused on the profitable aspects of their business.

People Lease is also proud to have been one of the first members of the National Staff Leasing Association, meeting their strict audit requirements and satisfying their unwavering standards of quality. The company also holds memberships in local and regional staff leasing associations, the American Payroll Association, the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans, various Chambers of Commerce and the Better Business Bureau.

As you can see, People Lease took the leadership role by introducing back-office services. We have provided the market leadership - and we have extended that leadership and those services. We believe our progress signals major new opportunities for our clients. Because time has become a competitive tool. Today, just like in 1984, we are committed to bringing a new level of productivity to our customers - and making them more successful in every way we can.

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